Wish Lanterns are known by different names in different areas of the world – and in the US and China they are most commonly known as Sky Lanterns.

The term sky lantern is a literal translation of the Chinese characters that are used in Chinese Kanji, but the sky lantern has been accepted into different areas of the world by different names.

Sky lanterns are traditionally used in Eastern Asia as part of religious or everyday celebrations, with a belief in their ability to bring good luck, and the coming true of wishes made as the lanterns are released and sent up into the heavens, most spectacularly at large scale sky lantern festivals such as the Pingxi festival in Taiwan.
This preserve of traditional Taiwanese culture sees the gathering of thousands of people in the countryside in Taipei county to release sky lanterns. In line with traditional beliefs, the lanterns are thought to bring good luck, and carry away troubles and worries into the sky.

Those who make the journey out to the festival make wishes as they release sky lanterns, often wishing for health, love or prosperity. One very popular wish to cast is to win the lottery. Wish lanterns are still relatively new to the Western world, but have seen their popularity soar over the last 5 years, especially within the USA, winning hearts and minds with their warmth, light and beauty.

Wish Lantern sky lanterns allow you to capture some of the magic of the Pingxi lantern festival yourself, and make your own wish as you launch a lantern. Our sky lanterns are of the highest quality available in the USA, individually wrapped with pre-attached fuel cells, are available in multicolored day time lantern packs, and carry a USA price match guarantee.

Wish Lantern Sky lanterns are 108cm tall and 66 cm wide when filled with hot air, and our lanterns come with pre-attached cardboard fuel cells. Beware cheap imitations of a poor quality that do not come with fuel cells pre-attached.

Sky Lanterns from Wish Lantern carry a USA price match guarantee on all quality flying lanterns sold in the USA. For more information, browse the site, or contact us by emailing contact@wishlantern.com.

Light up the night sky with a Wish!


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